Catalogue of studies, reports and databases providing indexes and indicators relating to health and safety, accidents, injuries and fatalities.

  • A total of 39 relevant web pages, linking mainly to databases, assessments and statistical figures, such as tables and graphs, were identified during the review.
  • They were predominantly from the UK, Spain, the EU (general), Germany, the USA, and Canada, with information available in English, Spanish or German.
  • The sources were categorised according to the following topic areas: –
    • Accidents, including fatalities, with information relating to common causes and accident rates (13 sources)
    • Illness and injuries, including those caused by exposure to chemicals and heat, along with musculoskeletal disorders (6 sources)
    • Migrant workers, detailing changes in labour movement and the challenges associated with training non-native speakers (9 sources)
    • Safety practices to prevent illness and injuries (11 sources).

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