The ESTEEM Safety Training Package teaches workers about both technical skills and non-technical skills, as both are necessary for improving safety on the construction site.

Technical SkillsNon-Technical Skills
  • Concept of prevention, protection, accident, occupational disease, danger and risk
  • Organization of prevention and risk assessment (POS, PSC and DURC)
  • Basic theoretical notions on: risks, signage, PPE, training obligations
  • Risks at the workplace (mechanical, electrical, equipment, physical, chemicals, goods handling, interference, and subcontracting)
  • Safety signage
  • Work in conditions of physical stress, temporal pressure, alcohol intake
  • Emergency management
  • Situational awareness
  • Communication
  • Teamwork
  • Decision making
  • Management of fatigue and stress

For each Learning Wall the following materials will available to the trainer: –

  • Slides to complement the presentations.
  • Videos to facilitate the autonomous reflection of the workers and the activation of comparisons between members in the group.
  • Images and newspaper articles to promote the analysis of real situations and the discussion within the group.
  • Exercises pointed at encouraging and highlighting the practical transferability of learning in real life and work situations.

To access these training materials, please visit the ESTEEM Interactive Platform for Safety Training.